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Laser Add-on

Upgrade your party with my nightclub styled lasers. Their high powered lights cuts through the air with sharp flat beams of colourful patterns creating that ultimate party atmosphere. This add-on is perfect for a neon themed, retro parties or can be used to help complement other lighting to fill larger venues.

Pricing Table

Small Laser


  • 1x RGB Laser Light

  • Computer Control Software

  • Laser Stands Included (Max Hight - 3m)

  • Full-Colour Spectrum

Large Laser


  • 2x RGB Laser Light

  • Computer Control Software

  • Laser Stands Included (Max Hight - 3m)

  • Full-Colour Spectrum

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Laser Features


Laser systems can be used to produce stunning displays of spectacular beamed effects, animated graphic sequences, or even text messages. These can all be projected into the air, onto walls making them suitable for themed weddings and parties.

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Control Software

All my laser add-ons come with special computer-controlled software. This allows me to take full advantage of all the lasers features. I can program them to only produce certain colours, patterns or text that are suitable to the decoration or theme of your event. This works really well with intelligent lighting as I can integrate and synchronise all aspects of your event.

Haze Needed

There must be particles in the air for the beams to be seen by the human eye. Utilising the use of haze machines, I can add particles into the atmosphere to illuminate the light beams. I strongly recommend checking that your venue allows the use of haze and smoke machines before booking this effect.

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Laser Safety

A laser lighting display can be a fantastic and memorable addition to an event but can also be very dangerous if used incorrectly. Don’t let that put you off, I am trained in the use of safe laser shows. I strongly recommend only using this add-on in large open venues, to avoid people coming into close contact with the laser beams, making sure they are at least 5 meters away from the laser unit. If you are planning to use this effect outside, please consider placement, making sure laser beams can’t reach the sky.

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