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Nobo’s Tripod Projection screens are hard wearing and durable as the screen can be easily retracted into its housing to protect from damage. Nobo projection screens are available in a wide range of sizes up to 2m width. This screen is a matt white surface with a black border which provides a sharp, detailed image that can be easily viewed by everyone in the audience. An overhead arm tilts the screen towards the audience giving everyone in meetings or at home use the best view with a 4:3 format. This high quality, flexible tripod ensures a great projection and is ideal for digital projectors or OHP.

ACCO NOBO Tripod Projector Screen

    • 4:3 format 99 inch matt white screen for LCD and DLP projectors
    • Screen measures 2000 x 1513mm
    • Provides a sharp and clear image
    • Adjust height and tilt for better view
    • Tilt screen for use with older overhead projectors
    • Tripod base and screen fold up into handy carry case
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