The Atmotech VS-800 is the simplest of fog solutions housed in a lightweight, robust housing. The VS 800 fog machine provides the DJ with a jet of dense white fog to enhance their light show. Its fast heat-up time and extended operational period makes the VS 800 the clear leader in its class. The product features 800W heat exchanger, fast heat up time, 0.75 litre tank capacity, high smoke output and a hand-held remote control.

Atmotech VS-800 Fogger

    • Smoke output: 4,000 cu.ft per minute
    • Warm up time: approx. 4 min
    • Tank capacity: 1L
    • Specifications:
    • Power consumption: 800W
    • Power supply: 240V
    • Dimensions: 325 X 186 X 222mm
    • Weight: 3.4Kgs