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The Avolites Quartz console is a powerful but simple industry standard lighting control desk. Running the latest software and Avo Key. With its on board processing and a 12.1 inch touch screen, it represents the perfect combination of maximum power for small or large complex shows. It gives you fast, accessible hands on control working in conjunction with the intuitive touch screen.


The price shown is the weekly list price excluding VAT for a single unit.

Avolites Quartz Lighting Desk

    • 10 x Precision Playback Faders
    • 8192 Channels over 16 DMX Universes
    • Inputs/Outputs:

                   4 x 5 Pin DMX Outputs

                   1 x DVI Output (External Monitor)

                   1 x Midi Input

                   1 x 3.5mm Audio Input

                   1 x 3.5mm Headphone Output

                   1 x Ethernet Output

                   1 x USB Input (Wing Link)

                   1 x USB Input

    • Compatible with Titan Net
    • Supports multi-band Sound to Light
    • 20 Programmable Macro Buttons
    • Power Consumption: 3 Amps
    • Complete with Avo Key
    • Software Version 12
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