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The eStudio Studio Monitor Speaker Stand is perfect for pro studios and home studios alike. There are several key features that make a huge difference to the monitoring experience you are able to achieve, and in order to create a translatable mix you need the best possible mixing environment. Firstly, your monitors should be pointed at your working ear height – ears exactly between the woofer and tweeter, and secondly, they should be placed with exact stereo precision (or surround if you are using a more complex set-up) so they are in perfect phase when you are in the mixing position.


Another key feature of monitor speaker stands is their effect on bass response. The benefits to bass response are twofold. Primarily speaker proximity to walls increases bass response (and boominess) so ideally monitors are at least two feet away from any wall. Corners double the bass response increase. Often monitor speakers allow you to adjust their settings to account for this, but it is acoustically better to let the speakers produce their full bass response as it will create a more focussed sound. The isolated surface also makes for a tighter bass response, so rather than your speakers shaking your desk they put more of their energy into making sound vibrations. There is no better solution for perfecting your monitor positioning, these speakers will help you get the best out of your speakers.

eStudio Monitor Stands

    • Height-adjustable professional metal speaker stand
    • Six different height positions ranging from 70 to 115cm
    • Platform dimensions of 320 x 229 mm accommodate a wide range of monitors
    • Four adjustable plates align with your speaker
    • 50kg maximum load capacity comfortably houses heavy weight speakers
    • Overall frequency response improved to ensure more accurate speaker output
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