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Easy to use USB to ILDA interface

  • Support for up to 120K scan speeds
  • Support for 6-colour channels

QuickShow Software – Features

Powerful, Affordable and Easy to Use, QuickShow is a laser show software, providing all the tools you need to create both “live” and pre-programmed laser shows.

Live Controls

Perform live laser shows with ease. QuickShow has a full live control panel, making it easy to run live laser shows to the beat of the music. And it is compatible with both MIDI and DMX, so that you can run the software from a console. We also have a built in map for the popular Akai APC MINI, for a truly plug and play live experience.

Timeline Shows

If you prefer to run pre-programmed timeline based laser shows, QuickShow offers a full suite of timeline based programming tools. And you can also set your own audio files, for perfect synchronization of lasers and music.

Laser Beams, Text, Graphics and Logos

With our popular QuickTools, you can create your own custom laser beam effects, text, graphics, and laser logos with ease. No complex programming required.

Drawing Program and Frame Editor

Our innovative drawing program and frame editor allow you to draw any sort of laser imagery or content you can imagine. And with professional, but easy to use tools, you can dial in your content with incredible precision and accuracy.

Pangolin Quickshow FB3QS

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