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The Roland CUBE-20XL BASS features 20 watts of power, an 8-inch custom speaker, six COSM amp models, pro-quality effects (Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Solo, Poly Octave, Compression, and Overdrive), Power Squeezer for big sound at low volume, and 3-band EQ.

Roland CB-20XL Subwoofer

    • Ultra-compact 20-watt bass amp with custom-designed 8-inch speaker
    • Six COSM amp models on-board
    • Seven effects, including the new DRIVE and POLY OCTAVE
    • POWER SQUEEZER for big, rich sound at low volumes. Great for home practice and other volume sensitive environments
    • Three-band EQ for fine-tuning your sound
    • Built-in bass tuner

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