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Super PA Upgrade

Unlike most of my other add-ons, the super PA upgrade can replace the sound system on The Disco Package to a larger more powerful sound system. This is perfect for events that are going to be outside, in a marquee, or very large venues. The Super PA add-on can also be combined with the original sound system to create multiple different areas of sound at different volumes, for example, background music in the courtyard/terrace, or in your bar area.

Pricing Table

Repalce Sound System


  • Replace Existing Package Sound System

  • Perfect for large inside or outdoors events

  • Loud Volumes

  • 4000w Output


Add Extra Sound System


  • Additional Sound System

  • Multiple Room Cover

  • Perfect for large inside or outdoors events

  • 6000w Total Output

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Super PA Features


When placing speakers outside or in large open areas the sound waves that are produced will get lost very easily. This will cause the volume to drop considerably as there are no solid walls to contain the sound. The best way to help prevent this natural occurrence is to simply go bigger or/and add more smaller infill speakers to your event.

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Full Range Sound Edit.png

Full Range Sound

Due to the natural science of producing sound waves, Speakers are generally split into 2 types of speakers. These are known as tops and subs. The tops of the sound system are there to create the high-end frequencies and the subs create the low-end frequencies also known as bass. When placed correctly these 2 types of speakers will come together to create a powerful crisp sound system.


This add-on connects to all of my packages, replacing or adding an extra sound system to your event. The additional sound system will be connected to your DJ and produce the same sound but have the option to change the volume. However, if you are looking for a different playlist for your extra sound system this is not a problem, just contact me for more information.

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Super PA Placement Edit.png


Placement of the speakers is key to creating that perfect sound. There are multiple different ways to place speakers. The general rule of thumb is to keep each speaker stack within 10 meters distance. However, subwoofers can be a bit of an eyesore. Using the subwoofer's omnidirectional sound, these can be placed side by side underneath the DJ booth.

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