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The Wedding Package

Price From - £600

I designed the Wedding Package with elegance in mind to seamlessly integrate into your chosen wedding venue. Its modern design allows it to harmoniously fit into venues of all sizes. The package features a contemporary computer-controlled lighting system that adds beams throughout your entire venue, creating a perfect atmosphere without sacrificing sophistication. The full-range sound system delivers powerful, crystal-clear audio that fills your venue while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. This package is perfectly suited for weddings in manor houses, hotel function rooms, and barn conversions.

The package includes my DJ services with the following equipment:
DJ Decks, Laptop, and Single Wired Microphone
A Full Range Sound System
A Doubled leveled Lighting
Personalised Playlist

DJ Lights

The Wedding Package Features

Sound System

The Wedding Package features two full-range line array speakers with subwoofers discreetly concealed behind the lighting plinths. These remarkable speakers not only boast a stylish appearance but also deliver exceptional sound quality. The line array design ensures that sound waves travel over long distances, effectively preserving low-end frequencies and preventing sound loss. For larger wedding events, you can enhance your sound experience by opting for my Evolve Upgrade.

Wedding Package 03

Lighting System

Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood for any party, but an excessive display of flashing lights at different times can be overwhelming. With The Wedding Package, I've incorporated computer-controlled software that takes your lighting experience to the next level being able to customise the colours of the package. Positioned on either side of the DJ booth are two 1.5m plinths, adorned with intelligent moving lights that project beams over your guests. Additionally, Rotospheres provide shoulder-level lighting from two 1.0m plinths, extending out from the DJ booth, creating stunning mirrorball-style effects.

Haze Machine Effect

Just like all my other packages, The Wedding Package includes a haze machine. A haze machine is similar to a smoke machine but offers the advantage of allowing me to control the density of the smoke by mixing it with air and gently dispersing it throughout your venue. Haze enhances the visibility of the beams produced by the lighting, making them more pronounced to the human eye and filling your venue with laser-like beams.

Wedding 04.JPG
Custom Playlist.jpg

Custom Playlist

I firmly believe in the unifying power of music, and personalization is at the core of my approach. With all my packages, I provide a custom playlist as part of my DJ services, included in the price. These playlists typically feature your first dance as a married couple and a special song for your parents. I strongly recommend supplying me with a playlist before your event. This helps me understand the songs and music genres that resonate with your unique journey together, ensuring that you and your guests can sing along and dance to your heart's content.

Personal & Unique

I pride myself on delivering a truly personal and unique service as your wedding DJ. I go the extra mile to get to know your preferences, taking the time to understand your musical tastes and the moments that matter most to you on your special day. By collaborating closely with you, I craft a customized wedding plan that tells the story of your unique love journey and seamlessly integrates key timings into your big day. My goal is to ensure that the soundtrack of your wedding is a reflection of your love story, creating unforgettable memories for you and your guests.

Wedding Package 01.jpg
DJ Add-ons Header.jpg

Upgrade Your Package

Light Drop Add-on

Price From - £100

My Light Drops represent the next generation of uplighting, condensed into compact, mug-sized units. They effortlessly integrate into flower displays, provide elegant downlighting for your cake, and accentuate the essential features of your venue. Their versatility extends beyond these applications; these compact lights can be positioned virtually anywhere thanks to their magnetic capability, wireless control, and hanging brackets. Alternatively, you can place them on the floor as uplighters and seamlessly synchronize them with the computer control software included in The Wedding Package.

Vineyard Light Drops.JPG

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