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Uplighting Add-on

My uplighting add-on provides a stunning enhancement to your chosen venue by helping to create that perfect atmosphere. Fill any space or featured walls with your colour scheme, or favourite colour to match your events decor, or simply have them dance to the music. Uplighting can be flooded onto just about any object, wall or balloon.

Pricing Table

Small Uplighting Add-on


  • 4x Wired Uplights

  • Modern Look

  • Custom Coloured 

  • Works with all DJ Packages

Medium Uplighting Add-on


  • 8x Wired Uplights

  • Modern Look

  • Custom Coloured 

  • Works with all DJ Packages

Large Uplighting Add-on


  • 12x Wired Uplights

  • Modern Look

  • Custom Coloured 

  • Works with all DJ Packages

Room Placement

Each of my uplighters are very small and compact meaning they won’t be an eyesore or in the way. They can be placed pretty much anywhere but please take into consideration the cables. If cables are an inconvenience for you then take a look at my Battery Uplighter’s page. Uplighters look great lighting up balloons, venue columns or walls and downlighting dance floors. The possibility is endless, let your imagination run wild.

Interate with other lighting.jpeg

Colours & Programs

The uplighting has 2 different standalone user modes. They can be set to a static colour of your choice, or run through their automated coloured wash effects creating a wonderful light show that dances to the music. These are perfect for just about any celebration event.

Integrate With Other Lighting

The uplighting add-on has an intelligent feature that allows them to be computer controlled. This extra feature allows me to control all aspects of the lights, creating some very special effects such as twinkle, room bounce or just keeps everything in sync simply linking all intelligent lighting add-ons together.

Freedom Integrate Edit v3.png

No Haze Needed

Unfortunately, not all venues allow the use of haze machines. Normally its usually down to how their fire safety systems work, this can often dampen a party's atmosphere. This add-on is perfect for those situations where haze isn't allowed, as it throws its coloured light onto an object to create a modern party vibe.

Lighting Add-on.jpg

Uplighting Features

Music Mixing

DJ Packages

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