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The ideal projector for educational facilities, small conferences, or in the office.

Epson EMP-X5

  • Use the powerful and reliable functions of this reasonably-priced, compact, and versatile projector in your conference room or business meeting. It is extremely user-friendly, reliable, and contains many functions which make you save time and money.

    With the Epson EMP-X5, you produce great presentations easily at a low cost. The device starts within only 5 seconds; automatic trapezoidal correction always produces great pictures, and you are mobile again after only one second cooling time.

    With the new user-friendly remote control, you always remain in control. The A/V mute function interrupts your presentation upon request. Optimal reliability and low cost through the energy-saving Epson E-TORL lamp, which has a durability of over 4,000 hours. In addition, you can keep calm at all times with the comprehensive security functions.

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