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Dancing On The Clouds Add-on

My breathtaking Dancing On The Clouds effect is a guaranteed way to add that WOW factor to your first dance as husband and wife or create a spooky Halloween styled party. This low-lying dry ice effect will not rise above knee height and can be magically illuminated in any colour from my uplighters add-on creating a magical low lying cloud effect around your whole venue's floor.

Pricing Table

10KG Package


  • 1x Dry Ice Machine

  • 10KG Dry Ice

  • 6Mins at 50%

  • 3Mins at 100%

Machine Only


  • 1x Dry Ice Machine

  • Power Cables

  • Delivery and Setup Included

  • No Dry Ice

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Cloud Features

The Cloud

Transform your dance floor by using my professional dry ice machine which produces dense, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. My machine has the capacity to hold 12KG of dry ice. This large tank is more than enough to cover the whole of your dance floor with its low-lying cloud.

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Every venue is different, there are a lot of factors to consider when using this effect to create the best cloud. The main question I often get asked is how much dry ice will I need at my event? This all depends on 2 factors, Duration, and Density. 12kg of dry ice will last 4 mins at 100% density. This will create a very large thick cloud in a very large venue.

Dry Ice

This effect uses professional-grade CO2 pellets (-80 °C). The pellets are ordered especially for your event via an external company. The dry ice is delivered on Fridays for the weekend and will evaporate over time. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop this process. I can only slow it down by insulating the dry ice pellets, I highly recommend ordering more than you would need on the day.

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Your magical cloud will not reach beyond knee height, so there is no risk of you being obscured or the effect rising to set off fire alarms (like standard smoke and haze machines). Dry Ice is safe to use in all venues but I strongly recommend checking with your venue first as the effect can leave condensation on any surfaces that it comes into contact with. This effect has a lot of factors to take into consideration so I suggest you contact me for more information about how you plan on using this at your event.

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