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Dancing On The Clouds Add-on

Elevate your wedding's first dance to a celestial level with my enchanting Dancing On The Clouds effect. As you glide across the floor, surrounded by a dreamy, low-lying fog, your love story unfolds amidst a backdrop of pure magic. Customisable with the hues of your choosing, courtesy of my Light Drop add-on, your venue will be transformed into a fairytale setting, ensuring that every moment is as breathtaking as your love itself.

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Cloud Features

The Cloud

Enhance your dance floor experience with my professional-grade low-lying fog machine, designed to envelop the floor in dense, ethereal clouds. Say goodbye to the hassle of costly dry ice or cumbersome refrigeration units. With seamless ease, watch as the venue is transformed into a mesmerizing dreamscape, where every step feels like a graceful glide through the heavens.

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Water Not Ice

Distinguished from conventional dry ice or fog chiller machines, my special effect harnesses the power of distilled water to craft its enchanting clouds, ensuring affordability without compromising on spectacle. Through its innovative onboard ultrasonic atomizer, distilled water is seamlessly transformed into mesmerizing water vapor, casting a spellbinding ambiance over your event. With its rapid heat-up time and fog-on-demand capability, enjoy uninterrupted magic for extended durations, allowing your celebrations to unfold in a haze of wonder and delight.


Crafting the perfect cloud experience requires attention to detail, where each venue presents its unique challenges. To achieve optimal results with this effect, I suggest mitigating external influences by disabling air conditioning, closing doors and windows, and eliminating any potential disruptions to the cloud's serenity.


Your enchanting cloud gracefully dances, staying delicately below knee height, ensuring no obstruction or alarm-triggering haze. Water Vapor offers a mesmerising spectacle, deemed safe for all venues, yet it's wise to consult your venue beforehand, as its ethereal touch may leave a trace of magical condensation on surfaces it graces.

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