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Lighting Add-ons

Lighting add-ons really help to set the right mood, enhance your chosen venue or help to fill large spaces. Each add-on is priced with a booked DJ package only and comes included with delivery and collection in. Add-ons can be booked together to truly give that wow factor.. Please check that they are compatible with your booked DJ package.

Light Drop Add-on

My Light Drops are the next generation of uplighting packaged into a tiny 97 x 76 x 216 mm unit. These fit perfectly inside flower displays, downlighting your cake, or simply illuminating the key features of your venue. But they don’t just stop there, these compact lights can be placed anywhere using their magnetic capability, built-in bolt threads, and hanging brackets or simply placed on the floor as uplighters.

Vineyard Light Drops.JPG

Gig Bar Upgrade

The Mobile Disco Package comes equipped with a single Gig Bar as standard. This sometimes doesn’t quite fill medium to large venues. This upgrades The Disco Package giving you two gig bars doubling the lighting output of the package making this upgrade perfect for those bigger events.

Gigbar Upgrade Add-on Edit.png

Freedom Sticks Add-on

Freedom Sticks are a unique and versatile free-standing RGB LED effect that can be pixel-mapped for a modern look. This battery-powered fixture has a built-in D-Fi receiver that allows me to wirelessly control them. The Freedom Sticks also work excellently for venues that don't allow the use of haze machines.

Freedom Stick Add-on Edit v2.png

Rotosphere Add-on

The Rotosphere Add-on is a modern take on the old-school mirror ball. Utilising its high-powered zoned LEDs and slow rotation speeds can create a romantic setting of any colour. Placing them onto the DJ booth or trus podiums allowing that extra level of lighting to fill any venue with ease especially if the venue doesn't allow the use of haze.

Rotosphere 2.JPG

Moving Head Add-on

Add my compact but powerful beamed moving head lights to my disco package. These modern robot-like lights can shine their colourful beams to 360 degrees, pointing around your whole venue. Often, by being placed on the floor or table, they can create another level of lighting giving the illusion of a larger lighting rig filling larger venues.

Moving Head Add-on Edit.png

Moonflower Add-on

Coming Soon to 2024.

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