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Sound Add-ons

All my sound add-ons can help make your DJ Package work perfectly for your upcoming event inside or outside. Please check that they are compatible with your booked DJ package.

Super PA Upgrade

Unlike most of my other add-ons, the super PA upgrade can replace the sound system on The Disco Package to a larger more powerful sound system. This is perfect for events that are going to be outside, in a marquee, or very large venues. The Super PA add-on can also be combined with the original sound system to create multiple different areas of sound at different volumes, for example, background music in the courtyard/terrace, or in your bar area.

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Wireless Microphones

All my DJ packages come with a single wired microphone as standard. However, events often require something a little bit more portable. Wireless mics are a great solution to this problem. They are great for speeches, allowing you to move around the room freely without the strain of a wire. They can also be easily passed between the bride and groom or around the room to your guests, allowing their special words to be heard by everyone.


Sound Mixers

I can also offer the option for a band or live singer to plug into my sound system or simply add extra microphones channels. I am more than happy to speak to your live entertainment to make sure everything will run smoothly. My sound mixers are a great tool to link all your entertainment together through one sound system minimizing equipment footprint.

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AUX Cable

Looking for background music during the day of your wedding but don’t want to pay for a DJ all day? Don’t worry I have you covered. If you have me booked for your evening due, I can come set your package up in the morning and supply you with an AUX cable to simply plug your phone or tablet into until I'm booked to DJ. Please contact me for a quote.

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