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Sound Mixers Add-on

I can also offer the option for a band or live singer to plug into my sound system or simply add extra microphones channels. I am more than happy to speak to your live entertainment to make sure everything will run smoothly. My sound mixers are a great tool to link all your entertainment together through one sound system minimizing equipment footprint.

Pricing Table

Small Mixer Add-on


  • 1x 4 Channel Sound Mixer

  • 2x XLR Inputs, 2x TRS Inputs

  • Serto XLR Output & Stero TRS Output

  • Works with all DJ Packages

Medium Mixer Add-on


  • 1x 10 Channel Sound Mixer

  • 4x XLR Inputs, 3x TRS or 2x Phono Inputs

  • Serto XLR Output & Stero TRS Output

  • Works with all DJ Packages

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Sound Mixer Features


The Benefits to linking all your sound entertainment would mean only having one sound system. This would give you extra room to party and not having the eyesore of equipment spoiling the look of the room. I have multiple mixers available to cater for all events no matter how many inputs are needed.


Live Acts

It’s very common to have a band or live singer at your wedding or party. By running their performance through my sound system not only keeps the overall footprint down, but could also cut costs with the band and singers not needing to provide a second sound system.


All my DJ packages comes provided with the ability to plug in one microphone to their DJ decks. This mixer add-on is perfect for giving you extra microphone inputs, ideal for speeches or award nights.



All of my sound mixers are compatible with all of my DJ packages. I am more than happy to work alongside your other entertainment to make sure all live entertainment will be compatible with my mixers. However please put me in contact no later than 2 weeks before your event date to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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