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Evolve Upgrade

Enhance your sound experience with the Evolve Upgrade, amplifying your system twofold. Included in all packages (excluding the House Package) are two speakers as the standard. Yet, in larger venues, these remarkable speakers may fall short. Whether indoors or outdoors, when hosting expansive gatherings, you need volumes that resonate throughout the space or the ability to create distinct zones of sound with varying intensities. Picture ambient tunes in the courtyard or terrace, while lively beats animate your dance floor area.

Pricing Table

Evolve Upgrade


  • Doubles up the sound system

  • Comes with all cables

  • Can be placed in the same room or in a different location 

Sound Processor


  • Set Delays

  • Set Frequency (when using my Subwoofer Add-on)

  • Comes with all cables & control laptop

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Evolve Upgrade 


In outdoor settings or expansive venues, the standard PA System in my packages may struggle to assert its presence. As a result, volume levels can noticeably decrease as sound waves dissipate among crowds and structures. To counteract this natural phenomenon, the optimal solution is to upscale and incorporate additional speakers into your event setup.


This enhancement seamlessly integrates with all of my packages, introducing an additional sound system to your event, effectively doubling the full-range sound output. This supplementary system is linked to your DJ setup, ensuring consistent sound quality while granting you the flexibility to adjust volumes as needed. Should you desire a distinct playlist for this supplementary sound system, feel free to reach out to me for further details.


The positioning of speakers plays a pivotal role in achieving optimal sound quality. Various placement strategies exist, each tailored to meet specific acoustic needs. While the conventional approach involves situating additional speakers midway through the room to extend sound coverage to the venue's rear, some clients opt for alternative placements, such as outdoor terrace areas or separate bar spaces, to cater to their unique event dynamics.


Equipped with two 12-inch subwoofers, the Evolve Speakers deliver robust bass, ideal for outdoor settings or when playing bass-heavy music genres. Yet, for events craving an even greater impact, the Evolve upgrade seamlessly integrates with my subwoofer add-on. By incorporating up to two additional 18-inch subwoofers, your sound system will deliver a nightclub-style punch that elevates the atmosphere to new heights. (Link Button)

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