Subwoofer Add-on

Subwoofers, also known as subs, add extra bass to your event. They are perfect for adding extra low frequency bass to my Disco Packages, as well as providing extra power for events that are going to be in small marquees, medium sized venues or even small outside spaces that don’t want a huge ugly sound system.

Pricing Table

Small Subwoofer Add-on


  • 1x Subwoofer

  • Link Connection Cables 

  • Compatible with all DJ packages

  • Perfect for medium marquees

Large Subwoofer Add-on


  • 2x Subwoofer

  • Link Connection Cables 

  • Compatible with all DJ packages

  • Perfect for large venues, small outdoor spaces

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Subwoofer Features


Why do you need extra Subwoofers you may ask? By combining smaller sound systems with subwoofers not only increases the sound making it become more punchy but also gives you more speaker power. This makes it a perfect upgrade for events with large indoor venues, small to medium sized marquees or even small outside areas! Allowing the sound to not only reach louder volumes but also travel a lot further in distance too.


Sub-bass sound waves naturally travel in all directions. Using this to my advantage and with a careful placement of the speakers in certain locations can get you “more bang for your buck”. By combining speakers together they will work in a team to create one big speaker. 


The placement of all speakers should be no greater than 10 meters apart from each other. When adding subwoofers to your setup there are 2 options for placement. The first option would be to place the subwoofers underneath each of the packages other speakers. The second and most effective option would be to place the speakers underneath the DJ booth.

Sub Placement


My Subwoofer add-on can be easily connected to any of my DJ packages. I understand this can be a little confusing so I am more than happy to advise or answer any of your questions. Just get in touch with me today!

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