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Subwoofer Add-on

Add some thump to your next event with my Subwoofer add-on. Featuring powerful 18-inch drivers, this add-on delivers deeper, fuller bass, transforming your celebration into a pulsating dance experience reminiscent of a high-end nightclub. Your guests will feel the music like never before, immersed in thunderous bass that ignites the atmosphere and keeps the party going strong all night long.

Pricing Table

Small Subwoofer Add-on


  • 1x Subwoofer

  • Link Connection Cables 

  • Compatible with all DJ packages

  • Perfect for medium marquees with upto 200 people

Large Subwoofer Add-on


  • 2x Subwoofer

  • Link Connection Cables 

  • Compatible with all DJ packages

  • Perfect for large venues 400 people max, and medium outdoor spaces 300 people

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Subwoofer Features


Experience the depth and richness of sound with our 18-inch subwoofers. Unlike standard 12-inch models that come with my packages, these powerful drivers deliver deeper, fuller bass frequencies that resonate throughout your venue with unparalleled impact. With larger drivers and more potent amplifiers, my 18-inch subwoofers ensure wider dispersion and greater coverage, enveloping even the largest spaces in immersive, high-fidelity sound.


Harnessing the natural dispersion of sub-bass sound waves in all directions is key to maximising your investment. With strategic speaker placement, you can achieve "more bang for your buck." By strategically combining speakers, they function as a unified team, effectively creating one cohesive, powerful speaker system. This approach optimises the utilisation of space and resources, delivering exceptional sound quality and impact for your event.


 Optimising the placement of speakers is crucial for maximising performance. For subwoofers, I recommend positioning them either centrally beneath the DJ booth or discreetly underneath the existing speakers on either side of the DJ, utilising Evolve shot poles for seamless integration. However, I offer customisation options to tailor the placement and settings of the 18-inch subwoofers, ensuring optimal performance while maintaining a sleek, unobtrusive appearance whenever possible.


No matter the occasion – be it a wedding, corporate event, or private party – my subwoofer add-on seamlessly integrates with all of my DJ packages. Enhance the audio experience effortlessly, without any hassle or inconvenience. It's as simple as plug and play, ensuring that your event is filled with extraordinary sound from start to finish.

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