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Gig Bar Upgrade

The Mobile Disco Package comes equipped with a single Gig Bar as standard. This sometimes doesn’t quite fill medium to large venues. This upgrades The Disco Package giving you two gig bars doubling the lighting output of the package making this upgrade perfect for those bigger events.

Pricing Table

Gig Bar Upgrade


  • Doubles the lighting output

  • Simplistic mirrored look

  • Stand included

  • Link cables included

Gig Bar Upgrade Pricing Edit.png
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Gig Bar Upgrade Features


The Gig Bar is a compact all in one unit that has a very fast setup and packdown time without compromising on the lights capabilities. There are a couple of ways the Gig Bars can be placed at your event. The most simplistic is to hide them behind the speakers as shown in the picture but the placement is up to you.

Gigbar Placement Edit.png
Gigbar Built Effects Edit.png

Built In Effects

The light is the ultimate 4-in-1 lighting system including UV in its wash lights for better color mixing and effects. Gig Bar also includes two LED Derby fixtures, LED wash lights, a laser, and 4 high-power, LED strobe lights all mounted on one bar. The unit features phenomenal built-in automated and sound-activated programs including all 4 effects. These all look perfect at different times of the night helping to set the right mood at the right time. 


The Gig Bar has a number of different colours. These can be set to a specific static colour to match your party theme or can be set to swap and change between each different colour at the touch of a button. Colours can be changed as many times as you desire throughout the night perfect for a first dance or singing happy birthday. 

Gigbar Colours Edit.png
Gigbar Master-Slave Edit.png


Master/Slave on a lighting unit is where one light (The Master) takes the lead to control the operation of the other lights (The Slave). Both components are synchronised together, connected by specialist cabling without the need of a computer. The reason for doing this is that the lights, colours, dimmers and positions are going to work at the same time, giving a spectacular light show.

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