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Moving Head Add-on

Add my compact but powerful beamed moving head lights to my disco package. These modern robot-like lights can shine their colourful beams to 360 degrees, pointing around your whole venue. Often, by being placed on the floor or table, they can create another level of lighting giving the illusion of a larger lighting rig filling larger venues.

Pricing Table

Moving Head Add-on


  • 2x Moving Heads

  • Linking Cables

  • Placed on DJ booth or floor

  • Haze needed to look its best

Moving Head With Stands Add-on


  • 2x Moving Heads

  • Linking Cables & Stands

  • Placed on above-head hight

  • Haze needed to look its best

Lighting Add-on.jpg

Moving Head Features


The small footprint of the moving heads means they can be placed just about anywhere. I recommend placing them on the DJ booth in front of the DJ. There is also the option to add stands to lift them above head height; these are priced at £20 for the pair.

Moving Head Placement Edit.png
Moving Head Gobo Edit.png


A gobo is a stencil or template placed inside a light to control the shape of the emitted light, creating different shapes and air patterns using the haze in the atmosphere. Gobos look great when shone onto walls or dancefloors. Custom Gobos are available to give that unique look. Please contact me for more information.


No party would be great with just white lights... Colours help to create that party atmosphere, These moving heads swap and flash between 8 different colours, as well as moving around the room in time with the DJ’s music.

Moving Head Colours Edit.png
Moving Head Master-Slave Edit.png


Master/Slave on a lighting unit is where one light (The Master) takes the lead to control the operation of the other lights (The Slave). Both components are synchronised, connected by specialist cabling without the need of a computer. The reason for doing this is that the lights, colours and positions are going to work at the same time, giving a spectacular light show.

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