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Freedom Stick Add-on

Freedom Sticks are a unique and versatile free-standing RGB LED effect that can be pixel-mapped for a modern look. This battery-powered fixture has a built-in D-Fi receiver that allows me to wirelessly control them. The Freedom Sticks also work excellently for venues that don't allow the use of haze machines.

Pricing Table

Small Freedom Stick Add-on


  • 4x Freedom Sticks

  • Unique & Eye Catching

  • Battery Powered & Portable

  • Works with all DJ Packages

Large Freedom Stick Add-on


  • 8x Freedom Sticks

  • Unique & Eye Catching

  • Battery Powered & Portable

  • Works with all DJ Packages

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Freedom Stick Features

Battery Powered & Portable

My Freedom Sticks are fully battery-powered meaning they can be put anywhere. They can be sat on a floor, hung from the roof or placed in different rooms of your venues at different times of the day. The possibilities are endless. Maximum run time of the Freedom Sticks from a full charge : (all on): up to 6.5 hours with a recharge time: 4.5 hours.

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Integrate With Other Lighting

The Freedom Sticks wifi capabilities don’t just allow them to talk to each other, but they also have an extra feature that allows me to control them from a computer using their built-in D-Fi receiver. Utilising this feature means I can link them into any other intelligent lighting add-ons completing the look at any event.

Automated Programs

The Freedom Sticks have 2 different standalone user modes. They can be set to a static colour of your choice, or run through their automated pixel effects creating a wonderful light show that dances to the music. Making this add-on a perfect addition to any occasion. 

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No Haze Needed

Unfortunately, not all venues allow me to use haze machines. This is usually down to how their fire safety systems work. Due to the pixel-mapping capability on this add-on, the Freedom Sticks are perfect for these situations as it doesn’t require any haze in the air to still look great.

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