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Smoke Jet Add-on

Elevate the atmosphere with a CO2-inspired effect, unleashing exhilarating bursts of fog into the air. Illuminate the smoke with built-in LEDs, offering limitless colour options. This harmless smoke enhancement introduces captivating special effects, free from toxic chemicals, fire hazards, or costly CO2 canisters. Ideal for instantly creating festival-worthy smoke effects, transforming your guest's party experience. For added enjoyment, take command with the convenient handheld wireless remote.

Pricing Table

Small Smoke Jet


  • 1x Smoke Jet Machine

  • 1l Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid

  • Placed On Floor

  • Wireless Handheld Remote

Large Smoke Jet


  • 2x Smoke Jet Machine

  • 2l Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid

  • Placed On Floor

  • Wireless Handheld Remote

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Smoke Jet Features

The Smoke

This special effect utilises a rapid-dispersing smoke fluid designed to last only a few seconds, unlike regular smoke fluid that fills a room for an extended duration. It's typically deployed intermittently during high-energy songs to enhance the atmosphere with a bigger impact.


When the Smoke Jet add-on is included with the Wedding or Ultimate package, its LED lights can synchronise with the colours of the package's effects and can be activated by me as the DJ. Alternatively, the machines can be operated using a handheld wireless remote, providing you with complete control over the ambience.


Regrettably, some venues may prohibit the use of smoke or haze machines due to their specific fire safety protocols. I highly recommend verifying your venue's regulations before considering this add-on to prevent any potential disappointment.


Optimal placement of equipment is crucial for achieving the best possible outcome. The Smoke Jet effect performs best when positioned no higher than chest height, allowing the smoke cloud ample space to ascend into the air. I suggest placing them directly on the floor. However, if additional height is needed, podiums can be provided at an extra cost of £10 each, elevating the units by 1 meter for taller rooms.

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