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Ultraviolet Lighting Add-on

The UV add-on gives my Disco Packages that retro look by turning any neon coloured objects or clothing into a glowing light show, transforming your venue and UV decorations. This add-on is perfect for kids parties or 90s themed events or just to help make your venue pop!

Pricing Table

Small Ultraviolet Lighting


  • 1x UV Flood Light

  • 2x UV Wash Lights

  • Perfect for lighting dancefloor

Large Ultraviolet Lighting


  • 1x UV Flood Light

  • 4x UV Wash Lights

  • Perfect for lighting dancefloor

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Ultraviolet Features

What is UV?

Ultraviolet light (UV) is also known as black light. This effect is a great addition to any retro party. The UV lights are used to illuminate fluorescent colours and whites, making them glow. All other darker colours will show up as black. However, when trying to light up a venue with UV lighting it is very important to block out any natural light or any other venue lighting, such as wall lights, to make the room as dark as possible to maximise the effect.

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Flood & Wash

When lighting up a venue with ultraviolet lighting, positioning of the lights is key. I stock 2 different types of UV lights, these are flood and wash. Wash lights are great for lighting up a select part of a venue like a dancefloor. Floodlights are ideal for lighting up a whole venue using minimal units. I strongly recommend speaking to me before you book this effect to guide you in the right direction.


Every UV party needs UV props, clothing and decorations that will glow in vibrant colours. My recommendations on colours that will stand out are fluorescent green, pink, yellow, and orange – these are the safest options. You can get lucky with some purples, reds and blue colours though these colours tend to be a little more hit and miss. Some party shops and websites will label items that glow under neon lights to help you with your selection.

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My UV add-on works perfectly with my Laser Add-on. The dark glow of UV light mixed with the strong bright beams produced by the lasers creates a perfect effect. Using the haze machine, included in every disco package, helps to create a surface to not only illuminate the laser beams, but also help the UV bounce around the room. Check out my laser add-on below. Check out my laser add-on.

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