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DJ Matty Blakey

Open Format DJ and Event Production Hire

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Many recognize me by the name Matty. I'm a 27-year-old with several years of experience as a DJ. My portfolio spans diverse events, from birthday celebrations of all ages to lively nightclubs and even vibrant carnival floats. Additionally, I've delivered exceptional lighting and sound production services to bands, shows, and festivals across the United Kingdom. To discover more about me, please visit the 'About' page.

Matthew Blakey

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Mobile DJ Packages

Choosing the right DJ for your wedding or birthday celebration involves considering various factors such as pricing, equipment quality, and reliability. With my services, you can expect a professional party DJ experience that caters to both you, your guests list and the unique nature of your event, regardless of the age group or venue location.

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My DJ Packages offer customization options with a variety of pre-designed add-ons. These enhancements elevate the appearance and overall quality of my packages, ensuring an even more impressive experience for your event. You have the flexibility to mix and match these add-ons to tailor them precisely to your event's requirements.

Client Reviews

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We and everyone at our wedding absolutely loved Matty’s entertainment. He really knew what would get the crowd going, the dancefloor was full from when he started right until the end of the night. Very professional beforehand to make sure everything was in place ahead of the day - song choices, timings, etc. Would highly recommend for any sort of party/gig!

Gabriel Cullaigh - Wedding Client

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Production Equipment Hire

My equipment packages simplify the process of renting high-end equipment. My comprehensive packages encompass top-notch equipment, essential cables, and the expertise of my skilled engineers. I can handle everything from delivery to rig and derig for events in and around Huddersfield, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Trusted Companies

When planning your event, you're faced with a multitude of options from various companies offering their services. Over the years, I have collaborated with many of these professionals, forging valuable relationships. To explore more about my recommendations, follow the link below.

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Ready to Elevate Your Event?
If you're in search of a seasoned Wedding and event DJ who can set the perfect tone for your special occasion, your search ends here. Discover the essence of my musical styles, explore my extensive repertoire, inquire about my competitive rates, and check my availability by getting in touch. I'm here to ensure that your event is not just memorable but truly exceptional, and I can't wait to assist you.

DJ Matty Blakey

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