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Confetti Range


Confetti is always good for a festive atmosphere. When these coloured pieces are shot into the air and slowly float down, they create a wonderful spectacle no matter what your event.


My confetti comes in various shapes, sizes, and colours. I use the highest grade Magic FX confetti to give not just safety but that wow factor your event deserves. All my paper confetti is biodegradable, flame retardant allowing you to use it for all kinds of events or take it to the next level by using my metallic confetti to fire millions of tiny mirrors bouncing my lighting off them giving you a simmering effect.

All my Chauvet Funfetti Shots come with one shot of your choice of paper confetti included in their daily hire price. However, if you are looking to use the Funfetti more than once then you can buy 1-kilogram bags.


My full confetti range is below, please allow at least a week notice for all confetti orders. As I don't stock every type and colour.

Need more information or a bit confused? Contact me via the button below. Please provide as much detail as you can to help the process run smoothly.

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Paper Confetti


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